Saga Sleep is looking for a UX designer intern (July 2021)
Internship; UX Designer


The intern will during two months

  • Get an understanding of Saga's marketing strategy, and then suggest changes to it
  • Suggest changes to the User experience and design in the app and on the website.
  • Conducts focus groups
  • Conduct individual deep interviews with users
  • Run experiments for the app together with the CTO. This involves showing different paywalls to different users, different onboarding flows for different users, offering different discounts to different types of users.

Skills and qualifications

  • Experienced in working with Figma or similar software with designs, wireframes for websites and apps
  • Interesting portfolio of previous work
  • Deep experience in normal graphical editing software, such as Photoshop
  • Fluent in English
  • Minimum intermediate in Russian language

Goals for the internship (2 months, part-time)

Suggest 10 different experiments (such as different paywalls for different users), conduct them and evaluate their effectiveness as candidates for being a regular procedure in the business.

Research Saga, research competitors and deliver one pack of suggestion of UX changes in the app. (Such as changing fundamentals, like which main categories should be offered or not)

About Saga Sleep

Saga Sleep is a Swedish startup, with the mission to help people fall asleep to become happier. The main product is a collection of 50+ sleep stories for adults and kids, that have been produced together with authors and sleep scientists. Saga Sleep works with several celebrities as narrators, many with 1mi+ followers on Instagram. The app launched in March 2020 and is available globally and used by 20 000 users a month and has been downloaded 220 000 times since launch.

The app is currently only in Russian language, and is available for download in Sweden.

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